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News: Jose Aldo asks for contract to be terminated

When the UFC booked featherweight champion Conor McGregor vs. lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, #1 lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov was livid. Interim featherweight champion Jose Aldo was more upset still.

“After all of this, I see I can’t trust a single word from president Dana White,” said Aldo to Brazil’sCombate, as transcribed by Fernanda Prates for MMAjunkie. “The person in charge of the event now is Conor McGregor. Since I’m not here to be McGregor’s employer, I ask for my contract with the UFC to be terminated.

“When they suggested the fight against Frankie Edgar, Dana said the winner of this fight would either be McGregor’s challenger or have the linear belt, because if he didn’t return to the featherweight division after the Nate Diaz rematch he’d lose the belt.

“After so many times being lied to, I don’t feel motivated to fight in the UFC anymore.”

UFC president Dana White had said repeatedly that McGregor has to defend his belt, or give it up. If he gave it up, presumably the interim champion, Aldo, would become the undisputed title holder. Aldo was counting on and waiting on one of the other. Now apparently there has been an evolution in the stance – McGregor can fight while retaining his belt, and then if he wins will have to give up one of them.

“We waited, until Dana said publicly that he wanted this fight with McGregor to happen,” said Aldo. “We were expecting it to happen: Either I’d have my rematch to unify the featherweight belt or I’d get my belt back fighting Holloway or Pettis, considering that, according to what Dana himself had been saying all along, Conor couldn’t keep both belts.

“But, to my surprise, I found out last night about the fight between McGregor and Eddie Alvarez, who’d also been denied by Dana himself last week and, to make matters worse, he’d keep the featherweight belt, being able to get two belts simultaneously.”

“I understand [McGregor] is a big draw, but there’s a limit in which this is no longer a sport and it’s a circus. I don’t want any type of fight with the UFC. The only thing I want is to move on with my life and that they move on with theirs.”

“It’s not about money for me. I can’t take it anymore. I’ve reached my limit. It’s not about the circus or anything [White] might do. I don’t know, for me, if he likes me – like he’s said he likes me and my family – I just ask that he lets me go normally. I don’t want to fight. I want to walk out the same way I walked in.

“I think the UFC never gave me anything, or WEC. Everything I earned. Everything was thanks to my efforts, my family’s, my team’s, ‘Dede,’ they helped me get there. In no moment did they give me anything. I earned it with my own merit, and I gave them a lot more than they gave me. So I just want them to release me from my contract.

“I don’t want to fight anymore. What if they offer me millions? They can keep them, I don’t want it. Pardon the expression, but I’m not a whore, to sell myself. I’m a man. My dad made me this way. So that’s all I want.”

White spoke with Combate, and vowed to work things out.

“We won’t cancel his contract,” said White, as translated by Lucas Rezende for BE. “We know he got very emotional. We respect Jose Aldo very much. We care for the people around him. Khabib Nurmagomedov wanted a fight on the card and we got it for him. I’m sure we can find something nice for Aldo, as well.”



this story missed the whole point, as far as i know. he doesn't want to just get released from UFC, he wants to leave MMA, period.
Jokotau --- --- --- Sep 29, 2016 ‐ Report
nah, he won't quit fighting  
Lusthaus --- --- --- Sep 29, 2016 ‐ Report
i think he wants to go to Bellator  
baselstein 1.10 TB 829.67 GB 1.36 Oct 02, 2016 ‐ Report
everybody goes to bellator.. when the ufc is done with them..
Real men don’t need instructions
fucksite --- --- --- Oct 02, 2016 ‐ Report
or when they're top fighters in the world, but doesn't believe in themselves anymore, that they can reach very top.
Jokotau --- --- --- Oct 02, 2016 ‐ Report
money talks  
Lusthaus --- --- --- Oct 15, 2016 ‐ Report
i was referring to Rory MacDonald case. he also said he went to Bellator because of "dollars and cents". basically, he said "they offered him better contract". lets talk about that, i think it's complete BS. is there any possible way that Bellator's champs gets paid more than UFC's? there is no way in the world. i think he just doesn't believed that he could get UFC's belt after Lawler demolished him. or he just doesn't want to go through that again, who would?
Jokotau --- --- --- Oct 16, 2016 ‐ Report
Either way Bellators ranks swelling, so many good fighters in the world today and just getting more and more it's just a question of time before top fighters will fight each other in more organizations and skill-wise able to compare, more or less anyway some top names will always want UFC unless the scale tip over and things equalize, aka they loose their hard fought for monopoly?  I hope Aldo too jump, could accelerate the process even more, the UFO should never have a monopoly to begin with.
turkskurk (Content Administrator) 154.20 TB 129.80 GB 1,216.57 Oct 17, 2016 ‐ Report
yeah, but if we would have 2 best promotions in the world (skill wise), we would be back to UFC1 days, where everydody would be asking what if...this champ meets this champ, etc. at least now we know who the real world champion is.
Jokotau --- --- --- Oct 20, 2016 ‐ Report
Sure but itīs inevitable anyways I think, at least if sport keeps growing and more people training at high level..

In many cases some other promotions used to be able to work together, co promote, UFC refuse out of pure greed itīs their business model and it it needs to go imho.

Best scenario, promoters go together and create a super league outside their own leagues for the big fights, kinda like football (soccer that is) already doing all over and they all make good money.
turkskurk (Content Administrator) 154.20 TB 129.80 GB 1,216.57 Oct 21, 2016 ‐ Report
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